When he established New Horizon Security in 1998, President and CEO John “J.J.” Frazer credits his mentors with helping him guide the company to where it is today. Now having experienced exponential growth over the past years, he is committed to paying it forward in the same way.

That’s the origin of New Horizon Security’s relationship with Congar Security Force, a small woman-owned business based out of Maryland. Each company provides similar services but serve different clients and geographic markets.

Focused on commercial real estate and retail centers in the District of Columbia and Maryland, Congar Security helps New Horizon Security extend its reach to serve client needs outside of their core market area in VA. Congar also helps New Horizon Security by providing ad hoc support to meet surge requirements for special events or large tours. New Horizon Security provides both business counsel and administrative support to help Congar advance its strategy while maintaining a lean overhead position to help grow the business.

The mentor-protege relationship is helping both New Horizon Security and Congar Security expand their businesses and create good jobs within their market areas.