VA Academy Selects New Horizon Security for School Security

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We are excited to welcome the Virginia Academy, Ashburn, VA, to New Horizon Security’s portfolio of education clients. The Virginia Academy, a private K-12 school, focuses on providing academic excellence, character, integrity and scholarship to their students.

Integrating professional security is part of their continued pursuit of excellence and ensures the ultimate safeguards and emergency response protocols are in place at all times. Specifically, our DCJS-certified School Security Officer (SSO) will assist Academy staff with visitor access, emergency preparedness and response, and ensuring the overall safety and security of staff, students, and visitors.

The Virginia Academy joins New Horizon Security’s growing list of education clients, including Alexandria Public Schools, Northern Virginia Community College, Danville Community College, Stratfford University and more. Learn more at


New Horizon Security to Support THE PREMIER, a Red Carpet Event in Newport News, VA!

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New Horizon Security’s special events security team is excited to be assisting organizers of THE PREMIER, a semi-formal Red Carpet event being held at the Downing Gross Cultural Arts Center in Newport News, VA!  THE PREMIER, being brought to Newport News by Byrdsong Entertainment & Who’s Johnny Creative in conjunction with Nawty Dawg BigHeart, Opal Eye Entertainment, KGR Creative Group and 3rd Shift Productions, features:
  • The premier and release of Bria Kelly’s (the VOICE) NEW Music Video, ‘WHY ME?, which was filmed at Michael Vicks former property and is designed to bring awareness to dog fighting and animal cruelty.
  • ‘The Gift’, by Opal Eye Entertainment,  which has been successful in aiding homeless families during the holidays.
  • And showcasing five short films, including ‘Scar’, ‘Elvov’, ‘Little Walter Hidgins’, ‘How We Tell It’, and ‘Welcome,’ one of which premiered in Hollywood and got the attention of Viacom BET Network!

How Secure is Your Access Control?

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Screening employees, visitors and vendors is an important aspect of physical security. If screening measures fail, then your security has failed, and that puts your property and the people on it at risk.

At New Horizon Security, we understand the importance of effective access control as part of a first line of defense. Ensuring that our officers are trained in current screening techniques and prepared for any given situation is a top priority. That’s why we never stop innovating and investing in staff development and training.

Our approach is making a difference and the numbers speak for themselves.

At one site, New Horizon Security officers have processed 262,408 visitors so far this year, and recovered 7557 prohibited items. In May alone they processed 52,138 visitors and recovered 1552 prohibited items.

We’re proud of our professional security officers who work diligently each day to provide trusted security and peace of mind. To learn more about our advanced access control solutions, simply email


Meet Lt. Pryor: Making a Difference On and Off Duty

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Going above and beyond to serve the client is nothing new for Lieutenant Darius Pryor, whose passion for service has led to success in his security career. When not on duty, Darius volunteers at the Fan Free Clinic, a nonprofit clinic providing medical care to uninsured patients; support services to people living with HIV, and life-saving health education throughout the Greater Richmond and Central Virginia.

Learn more…


CPTED: Security by Design

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Intelligent security can stop crime before it happens.

New Horizon Security believes that crime prevention is one of the most critical aspects of any security strategy. While this assertion is rarely contested, there is an aspect of crime prevention that is too often overlooked – Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, or CPTED.

What is CPTED?

CPTED reduces and eliminates opportunities for undesired activities. Rather than using traditional “target hardening,” it focuses exclusively on aspects of the site design itself. While strong security staff, access control, and threat response procedures are essential to maintaining a secure environment, prevention methods are just as important to overall security.

Preventing Crime: Not Just for Big Business

Neighborhoods and communities should take notice of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design to protect residents. While strong protection and response procedures are important to community security, they are only half of an effective security strategy – prevention of crime is the best possible outcome of any security plan. Prospective residents have more information available to guide home buying or leasing decisions than ever before, and community safety is high on the list of most buyer’s priorities.

Research performed by the Southern California Injury Prevention Research Center at UCLA tested CPTED’s influence on the frequency of robberies, revealing that comprehensive CPTED programs reduced robberies by up to 84%. In the report’s conclusion, researchers noted that “The broad nature of the CPTED approach allows its adaptation to any setting, and results indicate that it is an effective approach to reducing robbery.”

How Can I Use CPTED?

New Horizon Security implements CPTED concepts and strategies throughout all levels of security operations. We employ certified CPTED professionals to properly assess any location and provide solutions for creating a safe environment for any business or community. Click here to request more information on New Horizon Security CPTED Assessments to best protect your residents or employees today.



Putting People First

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DECA Check


New Horizon Security President and CEO John “J.J.” Frazer believes that putting people first has enabled him to expand his business while maintaining the quality of service that established New Horizon Security as one of the largest independent providers of armed and unarmed security services in the Mid-Atlantic region.

In keeping with this philosophy, New Horizon Security developed the Excellence in Service Challenge for select contracts. This biannual challenge for armed security officers includes a physical fitness test, written examination, and a firearms proficiency test. Officers must fulfill each test’s minimum requirements to remain in service. Once the testing is completed, the highest scorers are rewarded with a $1,000 bonus.

The Excellence in Service Challenge winners are celebrated as examples of skilled security officers that remain well-informed on private security policies and procedures. The tests are administered every six months not only to be certain that all officers are consistently performing at a high level, but also to give New Horizon Security a chance to reward those officers who show the most dedication and skill.

By prioritizing security officer training and development, New Horizon Security has been able to provide an unmatched level of customer service throughout the past 17 years of growth.

“Focus on your people. Remember where you came from, what made you who you are,” said Frazer. “Our officers are the foundation of our business. I knew if New Horizon Security was going to grow, it would have to be from the inside out.”

The Excellence in Service Challenge is only one aspect of an organization-wide culture at New Horizon Security. As a family-owned business, customer service and safety are the guiding principles of every decision. This has had a wide range of effects throughout the company, including the establishment of the New Horizon Security Training Academy, which allows the company to control the quality of security training received by each officer.

A people-first philosophy is more than any individual policy, it is a critical commitment to your employees and the services you offer.


Security Officer Boot Camp

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During the month of February, New Horizon Security is conducting a Security Officer Boot Camp for those interested in a career in private security. Our Boot Camp includes all the DCJS-certified courses you need to jump start your career.These courses include O1E, O5E, 075E, PATH, OCAT, and MEB.

Get all your DCJS certifications completed at once for a discounted price of $450.00!

Check out the New Horizon Security Training Courses page on our website to for more information!


New Horizon Security and President J.J. Frazer Featured in Washington Post

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The business section of the Washington Post ran a featured article on New Horizon Security today. The article focuses on President J.J. Frazer’s innate entrepreneur abilities and his commitment to customer service. In particular, the article discusses how Disney Corporation’s customer service and quality control protocols were implemented at New Horizon Security to help grow the business into what it is today. The article is a testament to the Frazer family’s hard work and dedication to the company. To read the article in its entirety, click here. Congratulations Frazer family!


Black Friday Shopping Safety Tips

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The holiday season has officially begun! This means special times with family and loved-ones, celebrating religious holidays, eating wonderful food, and shopping. Yes, lots of shopping.

With Black Friday also looming this week, New Horizon Security would like to offer some helpful shopping safety tips:

1. When in your car, always lock the doors and roll up the windows. Even if you leave your car for a short period of time, make sure it is secure.

2. When leaving the store, have your keys at the ready. This makes access into your car quicker.

3. Before entering your car, check under your car and in the back seat. Criminals have been known to wait for drivers to return to their cars before attacking.

4. Keep you purse close to your body at all times to avoid pick pocketing and do not leave your purse unattended in a shopping cart.

5. Use your credit card as opposed to large amounts of cash. Thieves may spot that you have a large amount of cash, which could give them an incentive to attack.

6. Hide all your belongings in the truck of your car or hidden in your back seat.

7. Use ATMs in well-lit and well-populated areas. Do not throw ATM receipts away at the ATM location. Your account numbers may be on these receipts, making identity theft easier.

8. Note where you left your car to avoid walking around in the parking lot longer than necessary.

9. Avoid parking next to vans or large trucks that may block you from the views of others.

10. There is always safety in numbers. Avoid shopping alone and leaving the shopping center near closing time.

11. Always be aware of your surroundings and avoid talking on your cell phone while walking in the parking lot.

12. Do not hesitate to ask the shopping center security officer to walk you to your car if you feel unsafe.

Please be safety-conscious as the holiday shopping season commences. We want our clients, employees, and the entire New Horizon Security family to remain safe and healthy this upcoming holiday season.

For more tips on Black Friday safety, click here or here.

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