Black Friday Shopping Safety Tips

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The holiday season has officially begun! This means special times with family and loved-ones, celebrating religious holidays, eating wonderful food, and shopping. Yes, lots of shopping.

With Black Friday also looming this week, New Horizon Security would like to offer some helpful shopping safety tips:

1. When in your car, always lock the doors and roll up the windows. Even if you leave your car for a short period of time, make sure it is secure.

2. When leaving the store, have your keys at the ready. This makes access into your car quicker.

3. Before entering your car, check under your car and in the back seat. Criminals have been known to wait for drivers to return to their cars before attacking.

4. Keep you purse close to your body at all times to avoid pick pocketing and do not leave your purse unattended in a shopping cart.

5. Use your credit card as opposed to large amounts of cash. Thieves may spot that you have a large amount of cash, which could give them an incentive to attack.

6. Hide all your belongings in the truck of your car or hidden in your back seat.

7. Use ATMs in well-lit and well-populated areas. Do not throw ATM receipts away at the ATM location. Your account numbers may be on these receipts, making identity theft easier.

8. Note where you left your car to avoid walking around in the parking lot longer than necessary.

9. Avoid parking next to vans or large trucks that may block you from the views of others.

10. There is always safety in numbers. Avoid shopping alone and leaving the shopping center near closing time.

11. Always be aware of your surroundings and avoid talking on your cell phone while walking in the parking lot.

12. Do not hesitate to ask the shopping center security officer to walk you to your car if you feel unsafe.

Please be safety-conscious as the holiday shopping season commences. We want our clients, employees, and the entire New Horizon Security family to remain safe and healthy this upcoming holiday season.

For more tips on Black Friday safety, click here or here.

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