Piedmont Regional Crime Prevention Association





The Piedmont Regional Crime Prevention Association is a non-profit, non-political organization and regional affiliate of the Virginia Crime Prevention Association. The PRCPA has its own constitution, by-laws and governing body, and consists of a variety of individuals, professionals, and representatives from an array of organizations that have an interest in crime prevention throughout the region. The PRCPA strives to meet the following objectives in an effort to promote the interests of individuals, communities, law enforcement and others impacted by the effectiveness of crime reduction and prevention. It does so by facilitating the education, training and advancement of technology necessary to foster progress.


The PRCPA fulfills numerous functions, including:

  • Educating citizens as to their responsibilities and roles in effective reduction and prevention of crime
  • Supporting specialized training to citizens and law enforcement in various crime reduction and prevention techniques
  • Providing a forum and a voice for the exchange of ideas pertaining to the reduction and prevention of crime
  • Stimulating the interest and participation of citizens in the prevention of crime
  • Encouraging and promoting organized, individual, community and policymakers’ interest and action in crime prevention
  • Identifying crime prevention problems and providing a mechanism for informing policy makers at all levels of these problems while proposing appropriate solutions
  • Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of crime prevention efforts through education, training opportunities, technology identification, and the orientation, identification, transfer and improvement of resources
  • Encouraging the formation of sub-chapters and crime prevention committees, councils and programs by community organizations and their federations and councils
  • Providing a coordinating mechanism for any and all interest in crime prevention in the association’s geographic area

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