• Fire Monitoring

    New Horizon provides on-demand, 24-hour fire watch coverage for our clients in the event that a building’s fire protection system is compromised. When a fire sprinkler, alarm, detection, or suppression system becomes impaired, is unable to provide the proper protection for which it was designed, or must be taken out of service for the purpose of repair, service, inspection, testing, or modification, it becomes necessary to find an alternate means to monitor the conditions in buildings relative to life safety and property protection.

    For a short term and temporary basis, a fire watch is a system of activities designed to provide onsite observation, documentation, and notification in the event of a fire emergency. This service is predominately used during the winter months when sprinkler systems may fail. Section 901.7 of the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code establishes the requirement of fire monitoring:

    “…an approved fire watch shall be provided for all occupants left unprotected by the shut down until the fire protection system has been returned to service.”

    In the event a fire watch needs to be established, the owner or the owner’s representative shall implement a fire watch in compliance with the requirements of the locality’s Fire Prevention Code.

    90% of the fire watches we work are caused by water freezing in sprinkler piping and other fire protection system components during cold weather. The freezing water expands beyond the limits of the pipes causing the pipes to burst, ultimately disabling the system.

    Frozen fire protection systems may result in not only fire losses due to crippled detection or extinguishing systems, but also extensive water damage to the building and contents resulting from burst piping.

    Automatic sprinkler system freeze-ups occur when insufficient heat is provided to a building either by a shutdown of the heating system, cold air coming through broken windows, cracks in a wall, insufficient insulation material in ceilings/walls, inadequate antifreeze in a loop section of the system and other physical deficiencies.

    The remaining 10% of fire watches are a result of extensive repairs to a building’s fire protection system during which time it will be inoperable. These fire watches are typically less than 24 hours.

    New Horizon’s fire monitoring service provides our clients piece of mind when it comes to the safety of their property.

    Our Fire Monitoring Services:

    • Fire Monitoring
    • Property Assessment for Damages
    • Incident Reporting

    Our Fire Monitoring Industries:

    • Commercial Buildings
    • Residential Buildings

    Our Fire Monitoring Staffing:

    •  In-depth pre-screening which includes the following: background checks, reference checks, behavioral analysis, physical fitness assessment, drug screening, and polygraph examinations (per contract requirements)
    • Extensive training which includes the following: orientation, customer service, Virginia unarmed security officer core subjects (O1E), first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation training (CPR), automated external defibrillator training (AED), bloodborne pathogen training, on-the-job training, traffic control, specialty patrol techniques, site-specific training to meet client expectations