Security Vehicles & Roving Patrols for Mobile Safety.

New Horizon has a fleet of patrol vehicles to meet the mobile patrol needs of our clients. Our fleet includes SUVs, environmentally-friendly sedans, Mule® utility vehicles, golf carts, police-caliber T3 Patroller®, and electronic bicycles. Our patrol vehicles are immaculately maintained and cleaned. A mobile patrol presence allows our security officers to easily patrol your site, regardless of the size. Our mobile patrol security officers are trained to monitor your property and deter property damage including vandalism, trespassing, illegal dumping, and theft.

The marked patrol vehicles have been custom painted with the New Horizon logo, while unmarked vehicles are ready to be adorned with your magnetic logo or left unmarked for inconspicuous patrols.

Our Mobile Patrol Services:

  • Electronic GPS Tracking
  • Patrol Wand Tracking Software
  • 24/7 Dispatch Communication
  • Property Lock Checks
  • Property Alarm Monitoring & Response
  • Real-time Reporting Software for Special Incidents
  • Property Security

Our Fleet

New Horizon has a full line of mobile patrol vehicles including Jeep® Liberties, Toyota® Priuses, police-caliber T3 Patroller®, Mule® utility vehicles, and electronic bicycles. A vehicle is used for mobile patrols when securing a large area such as urban and residential communities or large business complexes. Smaller vehicles, such as the T3 Patroller®, are used in town center environments to provide greater flexibility to respond in congested environments. These vehicles are able to drive on the sidewalks, allowing our security officers to park directly in front of the building or parking deck. Finally, electronic bikes are the less expensive alternative and are used in confined, urban areas where flexibility and quick mobility is essential. Explore our mobile patrol fleet to discover what fits your security needs best.

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