Proudly Securing One of the Biggest Charity Gaming Events in the USA

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New Horizon Security is providing security for Games Done Quick, a series of charity video game marathons held by the Speed Demos Archive website, all to raise money for charity.

Games Done Quick has been hosting marathon gaming events for charity for the past five years. The marathon gaming event features sophisticated play by speedrunners, or gamers, who are playing to raise money for charity. They’ve teamed up with charities like Doctors Without Borders and the Prevent Cancer Foundation over the years.

It began in January of 2010 where speed runners, or gamers, raised over $10,000 for CARE. It was followed up in 2011 with the first Awesome Games Done Quick marathon where $50,000 was raised for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. They’ve also teamed up with charities like; Doctors Without Borders over the years.

2016’s Awesome Games Done Quick will be held right here in Northern Virginia January 3-10 at the Hilton Dulles Airport Hotel.

New Horizon Security is providing 24-hour security for the week, managing access to gaming rooms, and helping organizers by with overall safety and security of the event.

How it works

Professional speedrunners demonstrate their expertise for a week by taking turns to complete different games as fast as they can. Games are from all gaming systems and include both modern and retro games. Sometimes the speedrunners play the game in unusual or fun ways, like playing blindfolded or racing other gamers. These are all funded through donations.

This year’s charity will once again be the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

The marathon event can be watched online, and you can donate via the Games Done Quick home page, as well as from the Games Done Quick Twitch account. Funds go directly to the charity via PayPal.

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