Retired Fleet Gets Second Life

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New Horizon Security was recently given a special award from Albemarle County Fire and Rescue (ACFR) for donating two retired fleet vehicles to the County for fire and rescue training.

Doug Snyder, Chief Administrative Officer at New Horizon Security and a volunteer firefighter/EMS with Albemarle County, presented a Citation of Merit to John “J.J.” Frazer, President, for his generous donation.

Back in mid November, two cars from the New Horizon Security Richmond fleet needed to be retired. They were older models with significant mileage, so rather than trading them in or trying to fix them, Doug approached J.J. about donating the cars to ACFR.

“It was a no brainer; we had these cars we didn’t need any longer, and then we heard the fire department could use them for specialized training” said J.J., “Doug arranged it all, I was just the guy who said they could crash my cars.”

Fire stations from all over Albemarle County took part in the training.

Snyder said the donated cars served two purposes; the crew trained on how to stabilize a vehicle before cutting into it, and then trained on cutting into the vehicle to get a patient out.

“Often, we get scraps or pieces of a car to train with. So to get actual vehicles, ones we see on the street every day, and then get to stage them the way we need to for training was invaluable,” said Doug Snyder.

Because it is so rare for the county to receive such an instrumental donation, county fire officials wanted to show their appreciation to J.J. and New Horizon Security by presenting him with the Citation of Merit.

And the donation came at a perfect time.

A few weeks after the training, several crew members who had been part of the exercise responded to a serious accident involving a car in a tree. They were able to draw upon their recent experience and successfully and safely remove the patient from the car, and safely extract the car from the tree.

Snyder added, “Stations across Albemarle County are still using, and will continue to use, the New Horizon Security vehicles until only scrap metal is left.”


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