New Horizon Honors Vets on Memorial Day By Supporting the Wounded Warrior Project

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Wounded Warrior Project

In honor of the men and women who have served and who are currently serving our country, New Horizon Security Services, Inc. has joined the Wounded Warrior Project’s™ (WWP) Advance Guard.

“As both a family member and an employer of many current and past soldiers, I cannot have more respect for this program,” New Horizon President John “J.J.” Frazer said.

The WWP’s mission to honor and empower wounded warriors is a cause New Horizon has believed in for many years.  As a company whose headquarters was once next to the Crossroads of the Marine Corps or Marine Corps Base Quantico, they have had their share of military employees – including those wounded.

“When we first started the DMV contracts, our second-in-command was a wounded soldier,” Frazer said.  “He’s now a Prince William County Police Officer.”

Approximately 15 percent of New Horizon’s staff consists of former or current military members and while not all are physically wounded, some may be suffering from “invisible wounds” such combat-related stress or depression.

“We’re seeing that people are returning with more than just physical wounds,” Frazer said.  “The mental wounds often leave the deepest scars.”

To help heal these invisible wounds, for both military and non-military employees, New Horizon partnered with one of the best Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) in the country.  The program offers unlimited counseling, personal development training, and wellness benefits at no cost to the employee.

“We want to see our employees thrive,” Frazer said.  “But we also understand that sometimes external factors make it difficult to get by day-to-day so we encourage all of our employees to take advantage of all the EAP has to offer.”

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