Retired Fleet Gets Second Life

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New Horizon Security was recently given a special award from Albemarle County Fire and Rescue (ACFR) for donating two retired fleet vehicles to the County for fire and rescue training.

Doug Snyder, Chief Administrative Officer at New Horizon Security and a volunteer firefighter/EMS with Albemarle County, presented a Citation of Merit to John “J.J.” Frazer, President, for his generous donation.

Back in mid November, two cars from the New Horizon Security Richmond fleet needed to be retired. They were older models with significant mileage, so rather than trading them in or trying to fix them, Doug approached J.J. about donating the cars to ACFR.

“It was a no brainer; we had these cars we didn’t need any longer, and then we heard the fire department could use them for specialized training” said J.J., “Doug arranged it all, I was just the guy who said they could crash my cars.”

Fire stations from all over Albemarle County took part in the training.

Snyder said the donated cars served two purposes; the crew trained on how to stabilize a vehicle before cutting into it, and then trained on cutting into the vehicle to get a patient out.

“Often, we get scraps or pieces of a car to train with. So to get actual vehicles, ones we see on the street every day, and then get to stage them the way we need to for training was invaluable,” said Doug Snyder.

Because it is so rare for the county to receive such an instrumental donation, county fire officials wanted to show their appreciation to J.J. and New Horizon Security by presenting him with the Citation of Merit.

And the donation came at a perfect time.

A few weeks after the training, several crew members who had been part of the exercise responded to a serious accident involving a car in a tree. They were able to draw upon their recent experience and successfully and safely remove the patient from the car, and safely extract the car from the tree.

Snyder added, “Stations across Albemarle County are still using, and will continue to use, the New Horizon Security vehicles until only scrap metal is left.”


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New Horizon Security Named to Inc. Magazine’s Top 5000 for Fifth Consecutive Year

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Inc.’s 500 l 5000 list represents the most comprehensive look at the most important segment of the
economy—America’s independent entrepreneurs. 2015 marks the fifth straight year that New Horizon Security
has been recognized—propelled by its three-year growth of 233 percent, which earned the rank of No. 1730–a
feat only small percentage of the companies on the list have done.

“Not many companies have the stamina to be listed five times in a row,” said John “J.J.” Frazer, President of
New Horizon Security, “Our success is a testament to the dedication and professionalism of our team, and
shows we are doing it right.”

Virginia was the fifth fastest growing state on the list, and the Washington DC metro area came in second
among the fastest growing metro areas, according to Inc. The security industry grew 127 percent in 2014.

“The story of this year’s Inc. 5000 is the story of great leadership. In an incredibly competitive business
landscape, it takes something extraordinary to take your company to the top,” says Inc. President and Editor-InChief
Eric Schurenberg. “You have to remember that the average company on the Inc. 5000 grew nearly sixfold
since 2012. Business owners don’t achieve that kind of success by accident.”

New Horizon Security’s revenue grew to $19.7 million following the addition of several new government
clients, such as Arlington County and the VA Department of Military Affairs, residential communities, such as
Heritage Hunt Golf & Country Club; and major special events, such as the Quicken Loans National PGA

“I am very proud of what we have accomplished,” continued Frazer, “Our growth is the result of a constant
focus on hiring the best, delivering exceptional service, investing in technology and training, and forging strong
customer relationships, which enable us to deliver greater value to our customers.”

The Inc. 5000’s aggregate revenue is $205 billion, generating 647,000 jobs over the past three years. The
average company on the list achieved a mind-boggling three-year growth of 490%. Complete results of the Inc.
5000 can be found at

New Horizon Security’s profile can be viewed here:


Black Friday Shopping Safety Tips

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The holiday season has officially begun! This means special times with family and loved-ones, celebrating religious holidays, eating wonderful food, and shopping. Yes, lots of shopping.

With Black Friday also looming this week, New Horizon Security would like to offer some helpful shopping safety tips:

1. When in your car, always lock the doors and roll up the windows. Even if you leave your car for a short period of time, make sure it is secure.

2. When leaving the store, have your keys at the ready. This makes access into your car quicker.

3. Before entering your car, check under your car and in the back seat. Criminals have been known to wait for drivers to return to their cars before attacking.

4. Keep you purse close to your body at all times to avoid pick pocketing and do not leave your purse unattended in a shopping cart.

5. Use your credit card as opposed to large amounts of cash. Thieves may spot that you have a large amount of cash, which could give them an incentive to attack.

6. Hide all your belongings in the truck of your car or hidden in your back seat.

7. Use ATMs in well-lit and well-populated areas. Do not throw ATM receipts away at the ATM location. Your account numbers may be on these receipts, making identity theft easier.

8. Note where you left your car to avoid walking around in the parking lot longer than necessary.

9. Avoid parking next to vans or large trucks that may block you from the views of others.

10. There is always safety in numbers. Avoid shopping alone and leaving the shopping center near closing time.

11. Always be aware of your surroundings and avoid talking on your cell phone while walking in the parking lot.

12. Do not hesitate to ask the shopping center security officer to walk you to your car if you feel unsafe.

Please be safety-conscious as the holiday shopping season commences. We want our clients, employees, and the entire New Horizon Security family to remain safe and healthy this upcoming holiday season.

For more tips on Black Friday safety, click here or here.


New Horizon Security Nearly Doubles in Size with Fairfax County Contract

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New Horizon Security Services, Inc., a family-owned and operated professional security services firm, has been contracted to provide armed and unarmed security services for the Fairfax County Government.

The size and scope of this contract has helped New Horizon Security nearly double in size practically overnight

New Horizon Security Nearly Doubles in Size with Fairfax County Contract.

Map of Virginia highlighting Fairfax County

Map of Virginia highlighting Fairfax County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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New Horizon Security President and Vice-President Featured in JMU Alumni Magazine

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New Horizon Security Services, Inc. President John “J.J.” Frazer and Vice President Christy Frazer were featured in the Spring/Summer 2012 issue of James Madison University’s alumni magazine Madison.


JMU - Madison Spring/Summer 2012

New Horizon Security President J.J. Frazer and Vice-Present Christy Frazer featured in the JMU alumni magazine “Madison.”

“We could not have been more proud to be recognized by our alma mater this way,” said the husband and wife team who met as undergraduate students at JMU.  “Our company has really followed our timeline as a couple.  It was there at JMU as an idea, but we grew it.  We nurtured it and we have watched it grow into something amazing.”

While the article touches on the many different triumphs the company has achieved over the years, J.J. said his favorite part was the focus on them as a couple.

“We would not be here today if we weren’t a great team,” he said.  “We couldn’t be more different, but that is what makes us strong.  We play off each other’s strengths.

“I am so proud to see what we have done and it is really amazing to see what Christy has added to the company.”

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New Horizon Honors Vets on Memorial Day By Supporting the Wounded Warrior Project

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Wounded Warrior Project

In honor of the men and women who have served and who are currently serving our country, New Horizon Security Services, Inc. has joined the Wounded Warrior Project’s™ (WWP) Advance Guard.

“As both a family member and an employer of many current and past soldiers, I cannot have more respect for this program,” New Horizon President John “J.J.” Frazer said.

The WWP’s mission to honor and empower wounded warriors is a cause New Horizon has believed in for many years.  As a company whose headquarters was once next to the Crossroads of the Marine Corps or Marine Corps Base Quantico, they have had their share of military employees – including those wounded.

“When we first started the DMV contracts, our second-in-command was a wounded soldier,” Frazer said.  “He’s now a Prince William County Police Officer.”

Approximately 15 percent of New Horizon’s staff consists of former or current military members and while not all are physically wounded, some may be suffering from “invisible wounds” such combat-related stress or depression.

“We’re seeing that people are returning with more than just physical wounds,” Frazer said.  “The mental wounds often leave the deepest scars.”

To help heal these invisible wounds, for both military and non-military employees, New Horizon partnered with one of the best Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) in the country.  The program offers unlimited counseling, personal development training, and wellness benefits at no cost to the employee.

“We want to see our employees thrive,” Frazer said.  “But we also understand that sometimes external factors make it difficult to get by day-to-day so we encourage all of our employees to take advantage of all the EAP has to offer.”

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