New Horizon Security Services Earns Inc. Magazine Hire Power Award for Job Creation

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New Horizon Security Services, Inc. was honored by Inc. Magazine for creating more than 200 security jobs in the Commonwealth of Virginia over the last 3 years.  The company ranked No. 101 in the inaugural Inc. Hire Power Awards.
New Horizon Security Services Earns Inc. Magazine Hire Power Award for Job Creation.


New Horizon Security Nearly Doubles in Size with Fairfax County Contract

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New Horizon Security Services, Inc., a family-owned and operated professional security services firm, has been contracted to provide armed and unarmed security services for the Fairfax County Government.

The size and scope of this contract has helped New Horizon Security nearly double in size practically overnight

New Horizon Security Nearly Doubles in Size with Fairfax County Contract.

Map of Virginia highlighting Fairfax County

Map of Virginia highlighting Fairfax County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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New Horizon Security Reviews Emergency Procedures for Great Shakeout Drill

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New Horizon Security officers and staff participated in the Great Southeast Shakeout, a regional earthquake drill.  The drill prompted employees to take a look at emergency procedures and add or alter them accordingly.

New Horizon Security Reviews Emergency Procedures for Great Shakeout Drill.


Shake Out Logo

New Horizon Security employees participated in the Great Southeast Shakeout.


New Horizon Security Reviews Pedego Electric Bikes on DCC Campus

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Danny Anthony and eBike

Cpl. Danny Anthony with a Pedego electric bike on the Danville Community College campus.

New Horizon Security officer Cpl. Danny Anthony reviewed Pedego Electric bikes on the Danville Community College campus in order to test their effectiveness for security purposes.

New Horizon Security Reviews Pedego Electric Bikes on DCC Campus.

After this release was published, Allison Roberts with the Danville Register & Bee contacted us about the study.  See her story at the link below:

Would an Electric Bike Make DCC Safer?


New Horizon Security President and Vice-President Featured in JMU Alumni Magazine

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New Horizon Security Services, Inc. President John “J.J.” Frazer and Vice President Christy Frazer were featured in the Spring/Summer 2012 issue of James Madison University’s alumni magazine Madison.


JMU - Madison Spring/Summer 2012

New Horizon Security President J.J. Frazer and Vice-Present Christy Frazer featured in the JMU alumni magazine “Madison.”

“We could not have been more proud to be recognized by our alma mater this way,” said the husband and wife team who met as undergraduate students at JMU.  “Our company has really followed our timeline as a couple.  It was there at JMU as an idea, but we grew it.  We nurtured it and we have watched it grow into something amazing.”

While the article touches on the many different triumphs the company has achieved over the years, J.J. said his favorite part was the focus on them as a couple.

“We would not be here today if we weren’t a great team,” he said.  “We couldn’t be more different, but that is what makes us strong.  We play off each other’s strengths.

“I am so proud to see what we have done and it is really amazing to see what Christy has added to the company.”

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Be Prepared for Spring!

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Today marks the official start of Spring and Virginians are marking the occasion by getting prepared.

Damage from a tornado in Suffolk, Virginia.

Damage from a tornado in Suffolk, Virginia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Virginia saw 51 tornadoes last year — the second-highest number ever recorded.  More than 100 people were injured and 10 people lost their lives.   So at 9:45 this morning, the Virginia Department of Emergency Management hosted a state-wide tornado drill with more than 810,000 individuals, businesses and other organizations registered to participate, according to a press release on the department’s website.

Here are some tips on how to conduct a Tornado Drill from the Virginia Department of Emergency Management’s website:

Before the Drill

  • Make sure that everyone is aware that you are having a tornado drill, that they understand what will take place during the drill and that they know the safest places to be during a tornado.  (The safest place typically is a building’s basement away from windows.  If there is no basement, go to a windowless interior room such as a closet, bathroom or interior hall on the lowest level of the building)

During the Drill

  • Announce the start of the drill by using a public address system or having designated volunteers alert those involved.  Do this by going room to room and floor by floor of your building.
  • Participants should act as though a tornado warning has been issued for the immediate area or a tornado has been sighted near the building.  They should evacuate as quickly as possible to the nearest safe place.  Use stairs to reach the lowest level of a building and avoid using elevators.
  • In a real tornado emergency, once people reach safe areas they would crouch as low as possible to the floor, facing down and cover their heads with their hands.  Ensure that everyone knows this.  You can practice crouching down.
  • After all employees have evacuated, the drill coordinator can announce that the tornado has passed and the drill is over.

After the Drill

  • The drill coordinator should document any necessary changes in the evacuation procedure.  Do more safe areas need to be identified? Are some safe areas cluttered and need to be cleaned out to be more accessible?  Do employees know the fastest routes to take to safe areas?  Is a better method for letting employees know of an approaching tornado needed?

Many of our security officers participated in these drills today and said they were extremely useful.

“The employees on site cooperated while officers assisted employees and made sure they knew where they needed to go,” Lt. Ken Hamilton said.  “The whole building is definitely much more prepared should a tornado really hit.  I’d love to have more training days just like this one.”


New Horizon Security Named 2011 Fastest-Growing Private Security Officer Company by Inc. Magazine

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August 25, 2011

New Horizon Security Services, Inc., a family-owned and operated professional security services firm, earned recognition as one of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies by Inc. magazine’s Inc. 500|5000. Inc. magazine, the only major business magazine dedicated exclusively to owners and managers of growing private companies, ranked New Horizon No. 2725 on its exclusive list.Inc. 500 Cover
As an Inc. 500|5000 honoree, New Horizon joins many prominent brands such as Under Armour, Dunkin Donuts, Intuit, Timberland, ZipCar and scores of other powerhouses and prominent brands that have been featured on this list.

“It is extremely gratifying to have the hard work put in by so many people be recognized on a national level,” New Horizon Vice President Christy Frazer said. “Our team of security officers, supervisors and management staff is fully committed to implementing the strategic processes and tools that we designed to help the company grow. And the growth that we are experiencing truly reinforces that personal pursuit of excellence – no matter how small – is extremely powerful when combined together toward a common goal.”

The rankings for the 2011 Inc. 500|5000 were determined by the percentage of revenue growth from 2008 to 2010. Despite the struggling economic environment, New Horizon grew 83 percent, which does not include the company’s recent expansion to Richmond, Hampton Roads, Harrisonburg, and Charlottesville, VA.

“It’s pretty amazing that we’ve grown so quickly without a penny spent on marketing materials or advertising. Our business is generated through word of mouth referrals from one client to the next. Quality and customer service speaks for itself,” said Mrs. Frazer.

Inc. magazine includes internet security, electronic security, and uniformed security officer firms in the same industry category. No other uniformed security officer business on the Inc. 500|5000 list has grown faster than New Horizon. New Horizon also stands out as the only Inc. 500|5000 recognized uniformed security firm headquartered in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

“Growing the company during the recession is the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” said New Horizon President John “J.J.” Frazer. “I couldn’t have done it without a dedicated staff of security professionals, and supportive and open-minded banking and bonding partners.” “I look forward to climbing up the list next year. We’ve already grown another 75 percent since 2010, so it’s really exciting to see what’s on the horizon in 2012.”

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New Horizon Named One of “12 To Watch” in Virginia

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Summer 2011

“12 to Watch” is a new initiative of the United States Senate Productivity and Quality Award Program for Virginia (Virginia SPQA) aimed to help improve the efficiency and performance of selected Virginia small business to ensure they are reaching their full potential.  As one of the twelve small businesses selected, New Horizon is recognized by the Virginia SPQA Committee and Board of Directors as a firm poised for positive and sustainable job growth in the Commonwealth.

“Being one of the twelve in and of itself is a level of recognition with positive benefits, but the process has broad and potentially positive implications for all applicants,” said Jo Rohr, Chairperson of the Virginia SPQA Board of Directors.  “The ability to adequately address broad performance issues can be critical to business financing and customer success.”

The “12 To Watch” program is offered in partnership with the Virginia Department of Business Assistance, the United States Small Business Administration, the National Federation of Independent Business, Virginia Business Magazine, and the Office of the Virginia Lieutenant Governor.

In his role as Virginia’s Chief Jobs Officer, Lt. Governor Bill Bolling stated, “Small businesses are the backbone of Virginia’s economy.  Almost eighty percent of the people in Virginia are employed by small businesses.  That’s why we are doing everything we can to ensure that Virginia is the best place in America to open and run a small business, and that’s why we are encouraging small businesses across the Commonwealth to participate in Virginia SPQA’s ’12 To Watch’ program.”

New Horizon will complete the Virginia SPQA Discovery Program and receive performance excellence technical assistance at no charge.  The Self-Assessment requires companies to document their approach to:

  • leadership
  • strategic planning
  • customer focus
  • measurement analysis
  • knowledge management
  • human resources focus
  • process management
  • proven results

After completing the Self-Assessment process, New Horizon will be assessed by SPQA evaluators and could potentially receive the SPQA Medallion of Performance Excellence among other recognition awards.  Because this process is closely related to the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, many organizations have used the SPQA program as a stepping-stone for the national award.

“Selection criteria considers among other factors, a small businesses’ position relative to high level requirements of the United States Department of Commerce’s Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence (CPE),” Rohr said.

New Horizon President J.J. Frazer accepting Virginia SPQA recognition.

What is Virginia SPQA?

The United States Senate Productivity and Quality Award Program for Virginia (Virginia SPQA) is the Commonwealth’s premier recognition program for organizational performance excellence. A non-profit organization founded in 1982, Virginia’s program, authorized by the United States Senate, is the longest continuously-running award process of its type in the nation. The Virginia SPQA is charged with administering Virginia’s version of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. Virginia SPQA’s performance criteria and core values are adapted from the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and are used by many top public and private institutions as a proven business model for performance excellence.

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