State-of-the-art Training at Competitive Prices.

New Horizon is proud to offer affordable, high-quality, specialized security training programs throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Our goal is to offer training that prepares students for a job in professional security and teaches them how to make significant contributions to the communities they help protect. This mission is accomplished by providing training, which is customer service-oriented and consistent with New Horizon’s values of loyalty, quality, integrity, and honesty.

Our knowledgeable, experienced, and engaging instructors and state-of-the-art training curricula ensures students receive the best education for them to safely and effectively perform their duties as Virginia security officers. Many instructors are dual-hatted as project managers, providing them the ability to give on-the-fly instruction to our security officers. At New Horizon, learning does not stop in the classroom; it extends into the field.

New Horizon offers both external and internal training. Externally, New Horizon’s training academy is open to the public. Our class offerings cover an array of security subjects, including personal security protection, first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training, and automated defibrillator (AED) training. The general public can sign up for classes online by clicking on the link below.

Internally, we immediately enroll our employees in New Horizon University upon hiring. During this time, new employees experience a three-tiered training curricula that allows each individual to grow and develop from an unarmed security officer through armed security officers and managers. This robust training prepares our security officers for professional growth and career advancement.

  • Unarmed Security Officer

    There is a minimum curricula that all security officers, regardless of their job assignment or contract must complete. New Horizon’s Unarmed Security Officer curricula gives our security officers the foundation to ensure superior service, professional security techniques, and responsible-minded behavior while on duty. This level includes courses on corporate orientation, pre-job assignments, DCJS core subjects (required for DCJS certification), customer service, first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation training (CPR), automated external defibrillator training (AED), bloodborne pathogen training, and internal business practices. New Horizon’s Unarmed Security Officer curricula also caters to site-specific training.

  • Armed Security Officer

    When an unarmed security officer is eligible for promotion, or if the security officer is being assigned to an armed post, the security officer completes the Armed Security Officer program. The primary courses required for DCJS licensing as an armed security officer are Arrest Authority (O5E) and Entry-level Handgun Firearms (O75E). Armed security officers also complete advanced management of aggressive behavior, handcuffing certification, expandable baton certification, and chemical spray certification. Other specialty training programs such as community emergency response team, personal protection, private investigator, and the National Rifle Association’s® first steps and concealed weapons courses are available.

  • Management

    In preparation for security officers to advance to management or supervisory-level positions, they must complete our management level courses. These courses focus on the skills, knowledge, and abilities needed to effectively manage and supervise security officers according to New Horizon’s principles. During these courses, students learn the intricacies of HIPPA® privacy regulations and how to handle corporate proprietary information/confidentiality. Students’ ability to perform management duties relies heavily on a savvy use of disciplinary, motivational, and counseling techniques. Supervisors are required to be stellar customer service representatives and are able to teach and train their subordinates on all site responsibilities, operational procedures, and field training.

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