Course Descriptions

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01E Unarmed Security Officer Core Subjects:

This two-day, 18-hour entry level class fulfills the training requirements for registration as an unarmed security officer with DCJS. Topics covered include law and ethics, security procedures and policy, access control, communication, and patrol techniques, and emergency procedures.

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05E Armed Security Officer Arrest Authority:

This 8-hour class is part of the required training for registration as an armed security officer with DCJS. Trainees will learn the details of arrest powers granted to armed security officers and the associated policies and procedures.

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75E Armed Security Officer Entry-Level Firearms/Handgun:

This entry level class is the introductory firearms training course required by the DCJS for registration as an armed security officer. The class is held from 9:00AM-5:00PM for three consecutive days in the classroom, and the firearms qualification is held at a shooting range on the fourth and final day. This course will fully prepare an officer for the maintenance and proper use of a firearm in the fulfillment of job responsibilities, including topics such as proper use of force, firearms policy and law, proper care and maintenance, marksmanship, and safety.

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01I Unarmed In-Service:

This 4-hour class is required by DCJS in order to renew an unarmed security officer registration. This course will educate current security officers on changes in policy and updates to job-related training.

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07R Armed Security Officer In-Service Firearms Requalification:

This class is required by DCJS in order to renew an armed security registration. It begins with a 4-hour classroom session, during which trainees will receive classroom firearms retraining and work through relevant practical exercises. Immediately following the classroom session, the training concludes with a requalification at a local range.

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Adult First Aid/CPR/AED & Pediatric First Aid/CPR Training:

During this class, trainees will receive First Aid, CPR, and AED usage instruction from Red Cross certified instructors. This course is well-suited to not just private security officers, but the public in general. This class fulfills the requirements for Red Cross certification and prepares trainees to recognize and respond to a variety of first aid emergencies and assist both adults and children with proper techniques.

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Practical and Tactical Handcuffing Training:

This class will introduce trainees to the best practices for handcuffing individuals in fulfillment of duties as a private security officer. Our handcuffing training is based on practical, sound principles that emphasize simplicity. We provide techniques that are easy to remember and apply in real-life situations.

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Basic Expandable Baton Training:

This class includes thorough classroom instruction and hands-on exercises that will enable trainees to properly utilize a straight baton. Training focuses on using this less-lethal method to establish control or overcome resistance in fulfillment of duties as a private security officer.

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Oleoresin Capsicum Aerosol (Pepper Spray) Training:

This class introduces trainees to Oleoresin Capsicum aerosol, commonly called “pepper spray” or “OC spray,” a convenient protection device that can reduce the risk of injury to all parties when used before a hands-on defense. Training topics include proper use and practical exercises.

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